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DESIGN CONTEST: Nokia ‘Pimp Our Devs’ – $2700 in prizes (Deadline: June 11th)

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Experience the amazing everyday!

Nokia is calling on designers to show off their talent in the search for the perfect design to pimp the Nokia Developer community.

Nokia’s new Lumia range stretches beyond the limits of what you have come to expect from a smartphone, and truly embraces design as a fundamental to great user experiences.

The Lumia range is the first to be powered by Windows Phone software and incorporates a slick user interface, created using the unique Metro Style design inspired by Bauhaus. It is super intuitive and makes for fluid interactivity and lightning-fast connectivity driving the experience of Easier-Faster-Funner.

Springleap and Nokia have come together to bring you a contest bursting with vibrant colour and intense creativity.

Springleap designers will get the chance to help grow the Nokia Developer community by visualizing and expressing the ‘personality’ of the app developers through the design brilliance of the new Lumia.

Nokia is looking for developers to “Illuminate the Lumia” by getting involved with creating amazing apps for these award winning new smartphones.

Show us your vision of the Lumia, Windows Phone and most importantly Nokia Developer, as they illuminate a whole new world of possibilities!


The main focus of this design contest is to inspire the Nokia Developer base by creating a t-shirt design that appeals to app developers and illustrates what being a Nokia Developer is all about. Nokia Developers are proud technologists, but are trendy and adventurous. They live life fully and translate their adventure experiences into great apps and games.

People should see your t-shirt design and instantly recognize the wearer as a Nokia Developer or associate it with the brand.

Show us your vision of the Lumia, Windows Phone and Nokia Developer. Always keep in mind that your design must include 3 important aspects:

1. Lumia (illuminate/light/Metro Style/Bauhaus)
2. Imagination (new ideas/innovation/smart apps/inspiration/outside the box/infographics)
3. Mobile (experience & device)

Designers are asked to create submissions that incorporates the above-mentioned aspects: “Lumia + Imagination + Mobile”.
The new Nokia Lumia range incorporates the unique Metro Style design into both the overall brand, as well as its user interface, to simplify its navigation and give it a clean modern look.

Designers may use the Metro Style design when creating their artwork, either as an inspiration or as the basis of their designs. You have complete freedom to create and express your concept for the perfect Nokia Developer t-shirt!

Click here for more information and to get your submission packets.


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