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Contract Writing 101 for Freelancers

Posted on: April 8, 2013

Take this SkillShare course with Margot Harrington of Pitch Design Union to learn the 411 on making an effective contract for design freelancing.

What You’ll Learn:

So you’ve been in business for yourself for a little while. You know you should have a contract, maybe you even have one, but is it really comprehensive? Maybe you can’t afford a lawyer and you’ve cobbled together your own version on a wish and a prayer. It’s time to clear up the gray area before you get burned. (Or, again, as the case may be. Cause let’s be real – it happens to all of us at least once.)

In this class we’ll cover all the steps to a successful contract, including:

  • How to define scope, deliverables, timelines, budgets.
  • What do effective terms & conditions look like.
  • Breaking down the legalese so you can mold it to your own needs.
  • Licensing, Intellectual Property, Warranties
  • General tips for making your self-employed life easier

Come to class with an example of a project you might do and you’ll leave with tools to write your own contract or proposal, giving you more confidence, credibility, and ultimately, a better grasp on your profits.

Click this link for more info and sign-up:  Contract Writing 101 for Freelancers


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