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In an effort to glean some insight into life after Design School, I asked a few graduates to share a bit about their current work and experiences.  Louie Camacho was the first to bite.  He graduated in May 2010 from the Visual Communication Program.

“I work as a designer for a very small design solutions company called Mike Media Group. I’ve been with the company for a year and some months now. I was discovered by my boss when I was looking for freelance work through Craigslist and just constantly posting my services along with my web address. 

We work with varied companies like Sears, Kmart, and other start-up companies. We are recently talking with Time Warner and working to get that client to sign a contract with us. We just finished a website to introduce a new app in Apple’s Appstore (I don’t want to disclose who/what at the moment, because they are in beta phase so things might still be sensitive).”

What is your favorite thing about your current position?

“My favorite thing right now is that while my company is still considered small, we are constantly proving ourselves an asset to bigger companies like Sears, who have their own in-house design team. I’m also learning a lot from working in a small company, because in such a small amount of time, I’ve actually witnessed it grow and continue to rise to a full blown design company.”

What else in your life has changed since graduation?

“So far the thing that has really changed is my financial freedom. It has been the fuel that propelled me to finish school in the first place, and I am having a hard time knowing what to do with it. Suddenly I am able to travel on a whim and go out and have a social life. It’s a nice problem to have right now when the economy has been in terrible shape.”

What’s next?

“Since I started working full-time, I haven’t focused on freelance jobs. Most of the time when I took on freelance gigs, it was largely because of the money. Now, I’m thinking of revisiting freelance and am able to pick out the ones I really want to do and not because of money, but because I truly believe the project.”

Check out Louie’s personal design site:
Best wishes in all your future endeavors.  Thanks for sharing with us, Louie!


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