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Find out about some 3D Printing options, gain knowledge and explore new visions with applied technology right here in downtown Chicago.

A Special Thanks to The 3D Printer Experience team for their dedication, attention and professionalism!



Come on out to see the Best of Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011 at Chicago Filmmakers.


5243 N. Clark St., Chicago

For more info:

…and if you can’t come to the show, at least check out some of the artists featured:

12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still – Magali Charrier/Royal College of Art (2010, 8 min., UK)
Haru no shikumi (The Mechanism of Spring) – Atsushi Wada (2011, 4 min., Japan)
The Renter – Jason Carpenter (2011, 10 min., U.S.A.)
Joyz ‘Electropia’ – Noriko Okaku (2011, 5 min., UK & Japan) pictured at top
Blanche Fraise – Frédérick Tremblay/La Bande Vidéo (2011, 17 min., Canada)
I’m Fine Thanks – Eamonn O’Neill/Royal College of Art (2011, 4.5 min., UK)
Det Siste Norske Trollet (The Last Norwegian Troll) – Pjotr Sapegin (2010, 13 min., Norway)
Moxie – Stephen Irwin (2011, 5 min., U.K.)
The Goat and The Well – Ben Cady/University of Wales, Newport (2010, 5 min., U.K.) and Autodesk are seeking for heroes! Not any kind of heroes, but 3ds Max designers with big creativity and imagination.

Autodesk is looking for inventive concepts or renderings of architectural design, mechanical or industrial/product designs like buildings, bridges, vehicles, furniture, and consumer products. Entries will be judged on imagination, innovation, and ingenious use of the max logo, not production quality. Winners will have the opportunity to work with the Autodesk production team to complete final production renderings.

To participate, you must submit a scene or design created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 software or Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2012 software. If you do not currently own 3ds Max 2012 or 3ds Max Design 2012 software, you can download the free 30-day trial. Students can download 3ds Max Design 2011 from the Autodesk Education Community.

The context of the scene should be design-centric, for example: buildings, bridges, cities, vehicles, consumer products, machines, furniture, building products, landscapes, etc. (no monsters or aliens or please!).

Still images must be a minimum of 3,000 pixels in the smallest dimension. The production quality of your submission can range from an un-rendered wireframe to a photorealistic rendering. Competitors may submit up to five different submissions.

There is no entry fee. No purchase is necessary.


The competition is open worldwide to all visitors of (it’s free to register).


Your scene or design could be featured on the next version of 3ds Max Design box cover and splash screen.

Not only will the winning submission be seen by thousands of 3ds Max Design users on a daily basis, to the winning designer will also receive a 3DBOXX 8550 XTREME Quad GPU Workstation (with 4 Nvidia GPUs; 1 Quadro and 3 Tesla), plus US$5,000 in cash.

Runners-up will receive an NVIDIA Quadro 5000.

For More Information

So if you missed the fourth Flash Forward Film Festival you can check it out here online!  There are four parts to the whole thing which you can view below.

Justin Hampton: design geek intro
Latonya Harris: Cyanide Girl
Alex Villanueva: Chicken
Charlene Pagan: Shoeshine Boy
Brandon Chase: Split

Alfredo Mones: Move it
Charlene Pagan: Depends Ad
Alex Villanueva: Mugsy
Beastie Boys: Richard Espino
Talk to Me: Charlene Pagan
Hecht Outdoors Promo: Matt Hecht
Causality Under Fire: Nes David
Animation: Alex Villanueva

Batphone: Kelvin Blanchard
Night After Night: James McFarland
Converse Ad: Matt Hecht
Some Poems: Latonya Harris
I Hate Boys: Juan Guerrero

Black Matters: Justin Hampton
The Truth: Quittman Farmer
Candy: Alfredo Mones

Screenshot from "Overthrown"

In case you hadn’t heard… a group of Animation students here at Westwood have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks building a video game for the Westwood-wide video game competition.

This is a pretty amazing feat considering we do not offer a game design major at our campus. Congrats on your amazing work guys!  Stay tuned later for a video on the making of the game.  In the mean time enjoy playing it!

Click here to play the game  (please allow a moment to start)

See the other Entries

Alex Villanueva, Ryan Zarzecki, Ivan Soto, Edgar Alanis, Casey, Quittman Farmer, John Bremer (not pictured)

The Flash Forward Film Fest has been extended to next Monday June 13.    We hope this will be a good one so please submit your work!

We have also decided to include a design contest as part of the Film Fest.  We are asking for you to submit any design work that showcases Branding.  Logo designs, letterhead, package design, anything with an original brand that you designed.  See the posters below for info on how to submit.


First Prize for the Video/Animation portion is a brand new Wacom Tablet!

First Prize for the Design portion is a Free website for one year!!

The Film Fest date has been moved to June 20.

Ryan Zarzecki is our featured artist this month, for his hard work and devoted drawing practice!  Spending many long hours working on his art, he demonstrates talent, sincere passion and dedication for the field of animation.

Here are a few of his most recent hand-drawn animations:

Interview with Ryan:

1.  What inspires you most in the world of Animation?

“…just trying to become the best artist I can be. I notice and take into account all the great masters of my time and prior and it makes me just want to become that much better. When I see the artists like Jordu Schell, Miles Teves, and even guys like Rick Baker..they inspire me the most I think. Granted, they’re not animators, but they are Special Effects artists. They still need to come up with conceptual designs, and even come up with a maquette (miniature sculpture) of what they want to create. So when I see their work, I guess you could say that inspires me to be as good as they are one day.”

2.  You’ve produced A LOT of drawings in one sitting for a few classical animations now.  What motivates your determination to power-through and to work so hard on a single animation?

“Yes, those animations did take quite a long time to do. But I think what helped me get through it is that I just don’t think about it. I actually REALLY enjoy it. Most people would think that I’m crazy. But, in all honesty, it helps me relax and I just let my mind go blank and let my pencil do all the work. It’s kinda hard to explain. I guess the subconscious was working overtime that day. ha.”

3.  How did you decide to go into animation originally?

“Well, it’s kind of a long story. But, I’ll give you the short version. Originally, I went to become a Special Effects artist. But, like most fields that are specialized, it’s very competitive and extremely hard to get your foot in the door. So, I went back to my love of drawing and creating things. I always thought I was at least decent at illustrating, but never do I think I’m the best. FAR from. I have a long way to go to actually feel like I can say I’m good. So with the passion I have for drawing, I really wanted to make my mark in either the video game industry or possibly an animation studio. So, cross my fingers.”

4.  What advice would you give to someone just entering this field of study?

“The best advice I can give someone who wants to do this is that they have to have a very patient personality. And it helps to know how to draw.  Animating takes time and lots of patience. Takes even more patience if you’re drawing frame by frame. But, if its something you really want to do, then go after your dream. The worse thing you can do is not try and always wonder what if?”

Some of Ryan’s drawin’s:

Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts with us, Ryan.  Congrats!

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