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The Flash Forward student film festival is quickly approaching and we need you guys to start submitting your work!


You may submit any moving images.  This can include animation or video work.  Stuff that you did in AfterEffects, FinalCut, Flash etc.  It can be hand-drawn animations, banner ads, 3d animations, basically anything that is moving.

Please submit even the most incomplete work because we would like a nice full show of work.  You can submit as many things as you want.  Please note that we may not show everything that is submitted.


This time around we will have categories for voting.  Instead of everyone picking their favorites, viewers will nominate their picks for these categories:

BEST IN SHOW:  best looking and most effort put into the project

MOST ENTERTAINING:  maybe the funniest or just funnest project


The prizes are still to be announced but first prize will most likely be one of the following:  A terabyte external harddrive, a wacom tablet or one year of free web hosting.  In fact why don’t you vote and tell us which you’d prefer?


1.  Convert your work to a quicktime .mov file.  720×480 resolution is good enough.  (the .h264 compression is a nice way to shrink your filesize).

2.  Get a free DVD from the secretary in the academics office.  (where you go to see kayce)

3.  Burn your entries to a DVD.  (it doesn’t have to play.. just burn the files as a data dvd).  You can ask your instructors for help if you aren’t sure how to do this.

4.  Submit the DVD by June 22 to Mr. David Rodriguez’s mailbox.  Just give the DVD to the secretary in academics.



So if you missed the fourth Flash Forward Film Festival you can check it out here online!  There are four parts to the whole thing which you can view below.

Justin Hampton: design geek intro
Latonya Harris: Cyanide Girl
Alex Villanueva: Chicken
Charlene Pagan: Shoeshine Boy
Brandon Chase: Split

Alfredo Mones: Move it
Charlene Pagan: Depends Ad
Alex Villanueva: Mugsy
Beastie Boys: Richard Espino
Talk to Me: Charlene Pagan
Hecht Outdoors Promo: Matt Hecht
Causality Under Fire: Nes David
Animation: Alex Villanueva

Batphone: Kelvin Blanchard
Night After Night: James McFarland
Converse Ad: Matt Hecht
Some Poems: Latonya Harris
I Hate Boys: Juan Guerrero

Black Matters: Justin Hampton
The Truth: Quittman Farmer
Candy: Alfredo Mones

Its getting close to that time again!  Another student film fest is scheduled for next term on June 10th so start getting your entries ready!  We accept any time-based work from westwood students including animation, video and motion graphics.  You can submit a class project or make something especially for the festival.

Deadline for entries is:  June 1 a week after class starts.

Submit a dvd or cd with your work in .MOV quicktime format.  Use 1280 x 720 or 720 x 480 resolution.  You can drop off entries directly to Dave or to 9th floor education office.

Prizes are to be announced, but pass grand prizes have included:  1gb external drive, free web hosting and a Wacom drawing tablet.

*** By the way, if someone would like to design the poster please contact dave at

Edgar Alanis

by Edgar Alanis:

video footage before you animate:

build scene in 3D:

animation (“Body Language” model used) begin to animate:

For Dedication, Overall Progress and Project Achievement: Congratulations !!!

Here is a video Edgar Alanis made from photos and video clips of our Design Social a few weeks ago.

So…Chris downloaded the Google Chrome Browser and loves it.  I love the ads, and the fact that Google is using various artists to make them (and the customizable artist themes for the browser).  Just wanted to share a few of my favorites:

Crocheted “Features”

Pointer “starts faster”

Features List

Check out more shorts on the Google Chrome YouTube Channel.

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