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Mightbytes was responsible for this really cool Chicago History Museum ad campaign a few years ago. Remember seeing this on the CTA?

Mightybytes, a design firm in Andersonville, is going to give us a tour of their studios next Friday, April 8th at 11 am. We’ll leave school at 10am, return around 1:30pm–your instructors will be flexible about missing part of class.  (That is NOT license, however, to skip all of class!)

It’s a small place, so only 10 students can go.  This is open to Vis Comm, Graphic Design, and Animation students, as Mightybytes has their hands in a variety of media pots.  Sign-up is first come, first served, so RSVP right away if you want to go with us—to me:


Fernando from career services sent me information on this web design internship with KGA design.  It is unpaid, but many times an internship is the best way to get your foot in the door.     Chances of getting this internship should be good since they contacted us directly.

The Rm on the poster is wrong… its actually to be held in rm 406.

Photoshop CS5 being released April 12 at 10AM (CST).

Register here for a live webcast to learn about the new features:

So…Chris downloaded the Google Chrome Browser and loves it.  I love the ads, and the fact that Google is using various artists to make them (and the customizable artist themes for the browser).  Just wanted to share a few of my favorites:

Crocheted “Features”

Pointer “starts faster”

Features List

Check out more shorts on the Google Chrome YouTube Channel.

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